Break thru will lead to great discoveries


It wasn’t an Egyptian tomb under an ancient pyramid … but it was none-the-less quite exciting to see through the gap when a single brick was removed to allow a glimpse through a wall that had been bricked-in many decades ago.

Nearly 2 centuries ago there had been a window in this wall … but it has not been an external wall for a long, long time as various modifications and additions had been carried out and the window had been filled in so long ago.

Now, with all the approvals in place, the first brick has been removed and we can see the other side of the wall!

Why is this exciting? Very simply because it was the first step in confirming that the Offiscape showroom will soon treble in size as a new design collaborative space featuring commercial interior products (& that’s not just furniture!)

The former photographic studio, situated behind the existing showroom, will soon open up directly from our own display space. In the near future you’ll be able to make your own great discoveries with a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of furnishing products!

Stay tuned for more developments on the break thru space!

Note: Our office & display areas do remain operational during the current works.


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