Because we all need peace-of-mind!

What is one thing that will distract the team from getting on with the job at hand?

Increasingly, we are learning that if our team have worries or concerns while at their desks … it can be a significant distraction to focusing on the crucial work to be done.

One such area can be those sub-consciously wondering if their personal goods are secure.  This comes about for a number of reasons but for those who have personal effects at the workplace … there needs to be a good way to house those items securely.

In a corporate world where we are encouraging people in ever greater numbers to ride a push bike to work or to use public transport rather than using their own car every day … more and more people need a place to store things.

The mobile drawer pedestal at our workstation is often simply not adequate and stashing stuff under individual desks can be problematic for a host of reasons.

 The obvious answer of course is to make use of personal lockers at an appropriate location within the office.

 Our Nati Series (as featured on the ‘storage products’ page of our website) is a very cost effective solution … and with a variety of sizes in compartments and configurations it’s not difficult to fit something in at the appropriate location.

 Want some advice as to how to give everyone the peace-of-mind that their valuables are safe for the day … so they can get on with their work? …Call us today.  07 3839 3800


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