Because there are always things to be done

Just as that list of jobs on the fridge door of your home kitchen is never quite finished, the office is another space where there are always more things to be done!

Examples include – fitting things to the wall, sorting the storeroom, removing surplus & broken furniture, repairs to furniture, fitting of shelves, plus changes to workstations and screens.

It is worth noting that in the service-minded world of Offiscape … the skills of our experienced installation and service personnel can be contracted for specific one off or ongoing jobs on an as needed basis.

We have the tools, the understanding and the capacity to provide a cost effective solution when you need a handy man for the bits in your office space or support for a more complex challenge.  We are BSA licensed for basic joinery and wall fixing works and can provide you an efficient and easy solution when you need a little help to get things done around the office.

If you think you might need such a solution … just call us today.  Offiscape 07 3839 3800.



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