A new era brings its share of feedback

March 2013 marked a significant point for our team as the new brand banner was raised aloft and we set our sights to the future under the new Offiscape logo.

There is still much to do over the coming weeks as we properly introduce our clients and trading partners to the new era but we are very appreciative of the immediate support for the new branding.

The following sampling is a good indication of the typical response we have received to date.


As one of our most senior managers has commented … the true test of our new brand is our performance and service levels in the days ahead … and that is where we will seek to really impress.


But for today … we will start by saying a sincere thank you for the positive encouragement.  We look forward to sharing more with you soon.      


Feedback comments to the new brand & logo

“Let me say I like the new corporate image, name and logo, I wish you well with this”   …..  Todd

“We look forward to completing more projects with the Offiscape team, and Sedus”  …..  Robyn

“Great new name”  …..  Sam

“Very exciting and positive move forward”  …..   Mick

“Beautiful”  …..    Marshall

“Congratulations !!!”   …..   Tim

“Congratulations on the new name and new identity” …..  David

“New website looks great”   …..   Justin

“Congrats on the new name, like it :)”  …..   Kevin

“This is exciting news for you, congratulations!”    …..  Sarah

“The prospect of working more closely with you is in all honesty, very exciting”  …..   Mark

“Fantastic news”   …..   Trevor


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