Change is as certain as the seasons

The changes in weather that come with the seasons are more obvious in some parts of the world than others … but as sure as Spring will follow Winter and Autumn will follow Summer … the seasons serve to remind us that change is always just around the corner.

Where this blog entry is written in Brisbane … the mornings have just started to get cooler and the days that much shorter.

Our team have just experienced a change with the new company name but the changes that will be most relevant to our clients are those that impact the way you will accommodate the teams in your own offices.

There have been some significant trends over recent years and sometimes the pendulum does swing out to the max and then swings back just as far … but that is also because our business and processes change … so the need to evolve and move with the times is critical to business.

The flat screen monitor has revolutionised the depth of our workstations, the new thinking on shared communication has changed the way our meeting spaces work, the need to create more serious break-out spaces has dramatically altered the proportion of spaces in corporate office layouts.

Recently the Sony Corporation pointed out that all the top corporate job roles of 10 years ago barely exist today and many of the positions our youth are being trained for today … won’t exist in 5 year’s time so the cycle of change won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Offiscape is studying local, national & international patterns and researching the changes that lie ahead for the office of tomorrow.  If you would like to know more about our discoveries call our office today for a report … on Future Directions – Offices of the Future.  Tel 07 38393800 or email


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