6.28 AM Eagle Street Brisbane

Delivery of new Sedus task chairs this morning.

Not a bad start to the day if you don’t mind a 5.30 am start.

After considering a number of options, the client opted for the Netwin model which proved popular in the trial assessments.

The Netwin Chair, which features a revolutionary double mesh back cover, offers great comfort and stays very clean looking from all angles.

The request for an out-of-normal-hours delivery timeslot is something that was accommodated and this often proves simpler for everyone.  It spares the lifts for busier times of day and the client can simply arrive to find their furniture in place.

Furniture for business is not just about the item of furniture.  It is equally important to carefully coordinate the logistics and onsite support.  In this case all packaging of the new product has been removed & taken off site.

The chairs have gone to a very nice new home with some having very nice views of the Brisbane River.  Some people’s workstations are certainly in the right location.

Of course, for a fleeting moment on an early morning it can even be appreciated by a delivery man.

Not a bad way to start a Friday morning really.



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