The office designed to kill boring meetings

Here’s a fantastic article from Joseph Flaherty at Wired on a new office solution designed to ‘kill boring meetings’, showing a really interesting approach to modular open-planned office space, or ‘offiscapes’.

An excerpt below:

The process started with discussions on the psychology of creativity, including Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s research on “flow” states. Market research uncovered surprising information, like the fact that 70% of office interactions occur at a desk. The team intuitively knew that in an age of noise cancelling headphones, small groups could meet in a central work area without causing a disturbance. And as designers they decided it was time to minimize the use of foam in seating — its ergonomic benefits are suspect, its environmental effects are negative, and it lacks style. After synthesizing their data and discussions, the Fuse project team distilled their findings into three actionable themes.

Read the fill article here:
An Office Landscape Designed to Kill Boring Meetings‘ Wired, 13 June, 2013.


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