Tamara 1005

$500 - $1,000 *
*Indicative price range only. Exact Price varies depending on quantity, model, and customisable options.


The Tamara is a suspension light that takes inspiriation from the shape of headlights from early twentieth century automobiles, paying homage to Tarama de lempicka, modernist painter, icon of elegance and charm.

Made from powder coated aluminium, Tamara stands out for its soft form, in which fleeting rounded yet angular lines combine to make a versatile product. The light produced provides direct illumination of the surface beneath; however, an opening in the upper section of the shade allows a delicate band of light to shine onto the ceiling.

Specifications (mm)

  • Tamara 1005: 265H x Dia 180 x 1800(max) cable length


High quality Aluminium

Available in a range of colours

Lead time

12 - 14 Weeks


5 Years