Vivero Päre

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The form language of this versatile acoustic divider has its roots in Finnish building tradition. Päre is a cheerful magazine rack, a storage rack, a mail rack for internal mail, and a beautiful acoustic wall. Päre is manufactured from 100% recyclable polyester felt.

The design ensures minimal waste of both felt and metal parts. The innovative installation system means that the attachment of a full-height divider only requires three screws.

Specifications (mm)

  • WIDTH: 855 or 1200
  • HEIGHTS: 1800 or 2350


4 mm plywood (birch, natural color or stained)

Päre-1 (honeycomb)
Päre-2 (skew)
Päre-3 (horizontal)
Päre-4 (wave)
Päre-5 (circus)
Päre-6 (stone)

Lead time

On Application


5 Years