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“Sedus is committed to making all office work a profitable experience at all times. For the good of the business and the employees.”

Sociologists say that we spend our lives in three places. The “first place” is the home. The “second place” is our work. And “third places” are where we go for leisure. Although structurally unchanged, the significance of these three places has undergone a major transition. The status of the home is changing because of the demand for mobility and flexibility.

The second place – the office – should, ideally, be planned and implemented to ensure optimal ergonomics and functionality. Yet in reality it is often an impersonal and emotionless environment. Third places are a source of stimulation and personal development. They are where we go to forget about the stresses of the home and work.

The aim is therefore to capture the stimulation of the senses which people find in “third places” and to recreate this in the office. The office should become a perfect second place which feels just like a third place. We call this holistic design concept “Place 2.5 – the new emotional office culture”.


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