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Tips to Improve the Ergonomics of Workstations

The worksite environment can be a significant factor that may affect the health and wellness of your employees and also their productivity. And ergonomics plays a key role in designing for staff benefits. Ergonomics deals with the correct body position to help lower the onset of possible strains and injuries. To maximize health and productivity, […]


Dealing with a pillar? Why not add a tree to the office?

Structural walls & pillars are often the bane of the interior architect’s existence. Despite the best efforts of the original building designer, courtesy of vital engineering, some pillars just cannot be avoided and sadly they are not typically a desirable thing in the world of office interiors. The real problem becomes what to do with […]


The office designed to kill boring meetings

Here’s a fantastic article from Joseph Flaherty at Wired on a new office solution designed to ‘kill boring meetings’, showing a really interesting approach to modular open-planned office space, or ‘offiscapes’. An excerpt below: The process started with discussions on the psychology of creativity, including Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s research on “flow” states. Market research uncovered surprising […]


Friday funny



When does a bench seat lounge have enough room for two?

When my sister in law recently posted this photo of her two mismatched dogs it got me thinking about how people feel about sitting side by side.   Even if there isn’t any tension between the two individuals who would share a lounge (and clearly there was some in today’s photo) … two strangers will […]


Friday funny



  Have you been tempted? The concept of temptation has been around for a very long time?  All the way back to the Garden of Eden in fact.  The men point out that it was a woman that got Adam in trouble.  Eve herself of course blamed the serpent. (Snakes do typically mean trouble). Debate […]


Friday funny


It’s all about keeping everyone safe

Tucked away in the coldest inhabited part of regional Norway, the Scandinavian HAG Seating factory has a multitude of colourful safety signs that were painted by the local school kids.  The campaign theme was …”There is someone waiting at home for you!”  The easily recognisable work of small children was a very graphic way to […]


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