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When does a bench seat lounge have enough room for two?

When my sister in law recently posted this photo of her two mismatched dogs it got me thinking about how people feel about sitting side by side.   Even if there isn’t any tension between the two individuals who would share a lounge (and clearly there was some in today’s photo) … two strangers will […]


Friday funny



  Have you been tempted? The concept of temptation has been around for a very long time?  All the way back to the Garden of Eden in fact.  The men point out that it was a woman that got Adam in trouble.  Eve herself of course blamed the serpent. (Snakes do typically mean trouble). Debate […]


Friday funny


It’s all about keeping everyone safe

Tucked away in the coldest inhabited part of regional Norway, the Scandinavian HAG Seating factory has a multitude of colourful safety signs that were painted by the local school kids.  The campaign theme was …”There is someone waiting at home for you!”  The easily recognisable work of small children was a very graphic way to […]


Better to be on Limbo than in it!

  We can have so much fun with Shape & Colour and even better if it serves a practical purpose. Limbo has created a wonderful alternative to the traditional ottoman and can be used in a myriad of applications from foyers to corporate courtyards, from break-out spaces to artistic reception / waiting areas. The range […]


6.28 AM Eagle Street Brisbane

Delivery of new Sedus task chairs this morning. Not a bad start to the day if you don’t mind a 5.30 am start. After considering a number of options, the client opted for the Netwin model which proved popular in the trial assessments. The Netwin Chair, which features a revolutionary double mesh back cover, offers […]


Can furniture be scary?

When furniture becomes an experience. Typically we have to be 100% practical when it comes to the furniture elements we put in a workspace. There is work to be done … and we need work tops (bench surfaces at suitable heights), we need ergonomic considerations in our task chairs and we need functional units to […]


Friday funny


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